Here there and everywhere.

We hope to enjoy the wonderful countryside, towns and cities of both the UK and Europe and look forward to sharing our experiences with you.

Sahara Desert Morocco
Ardennes Belgium
Chartres France
Sunset in France
Collonges La Rouge France
Bayonne France
Honfleur France
Madrid Spain
Pamplona Spain
St Jean Pied de Port France
Dorsten Germany
Delft – Holland

Vianden- Luxembourg

Vianden, Luxembourg- Telesiege


A “blank page” seems a strange thing to comment on.

When Michelle and I first got together she often commented on how little travelling she had done compared to me. I joked that she was a blank page that we would fill together over the years and so we now have blank page experiences together.

We regularly visit France and Germany, we have also been to Morocco, Spain, Holland and Switzerland.

Now we hope to fill many more pages together, describing our experiences and illustrating with photos.


Nene Park

Sunday 9th July 2017. After providing breakfast for several family members we packed up and moved Homer to a parking space near to the entrance to the camp site, we then went off with the family to have lunch and enjoy the pleasures of Nene Park. The Ferry Meadows camp site is just part of …


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